When I was young
I used to jump for fun.
(Like a kangaroo ...
walking and talking
to myself), I felt like
Boy, I WAS Icarus
when in my youth
I combed the sea
to find a wife ...
conceive two daughters
and thought thereís
no more to be
done at home!
I drifted West ...
a gnome of six foot six,
in search of truths
quite scarce in my land,
with soft hands itching
for the deeds that
twitched awaitingly
Then each and
every sea I flew
looting the footings
of freedom, trying
to rise in haste
and maybe find
the taste of ME!
I struggled and fell,
to tell you the truth
quite safely! Tried to
behave like Icarus
but couldnít ...
(the winds were slow!)
Long rootless flights
mellowed my wings
and prompted my fall
in the nails and the call
of accidental vultures.
They always tried
my stubborn fantasies
and my romantic dreams
so I could ride in gloom
my self-made balloon
of loneliness, YET ...
Still I try and try
to catch up with
the traffic in the sky
with graphically
chartered schemes
and dreams of ICARUS.
And Iím amazed I still
believe in long updated
childhood plans that ...
even challenging
is possible! That long
before I hit the sea
Iíll spread my anxious
wings - TO BE!


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